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On Goldy Mukesh Hits Radio station you can listen to legendary singer Mukesh Kumar Mathur’s Songs. He is known as Mukesh. He was an Indian playback singer.

Mukesh was born in Delhi in a Mathur Kayastha family. His father’s name was Zorawar Chand Mathur. He was an engineer. His Mother’s name was Chandrani Mathur.

Mukesh was the sixth number in a family of ten children. Mukesh left school after the 10th grade and worked briefly for the Department of Public Works. He experimented with voice recordings during his employment in Delhi and gradually developed his singing abilities and also his musical instrumental skills.

You can Listen to Evergreen Classic Songs.

You can know more About Mukesh.

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Language: Hindi

Genre: Bollywood, Classic, Old Songs, Retro

Country: India, Gujarat

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: +919723084863

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/goldyfm

Goldy Mukesh Online
Goldy Mukesh Online

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